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A system for collecting product used for rinsing the plant in pre-bottling and other phases, that, once verified, can be redosed in line and totally recoverable in the same product.


Upon the commencement of a bottling pr ocess a certain volume of wine to be bottled is used t o push through and rinse pumps, tubes, housings and fillers.
Post rinsing this volume of wine is automatically stored in a holding tank.
It is then dosed dir ectly back in line ups tream of microfiltration. The dosing system guarantees high precision thanks to the controls managing the pressure of the dosing pumps. In or der to guarantee the integrity of the wine , inert gas is used in the holding tank t o form a cap.


  • Dosing of retentate proportional to the production batch.
  • Reduction of oxidative matter.
  • Precision dosing to guarantee the integrity of the wine .
  • Splitting incoming wine.
    Interface with C.I.P. and micro-filtration systems.
  • Full automation of production and washing operations.

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